omega performance |  may 2014



EVERYTHING I SAY IS TRUE | lecture/performance/video/sculpture/sound/installation | 30 minutes, carbon fiber, dress, video, sound


Everything I Say Is True is a multi-media performance work by Southern California-based, Oglala Lakota artist Kite, aka Suzanne Kite. In the performance Kite constructs a complex narrative through the use of her own family’s ephemera and historical documents as well as through a new body of work in various mediums, including video, sound and sculpture. Everything I Say Is True considers concepts of truth in relation to Oglala Lakota knowledge systems.


Kite, Everything I Say Is True (2017) was commissioned by Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff



LECTURE ON TWO LOCATIONS | Experimental lecture/performance | 20 minutes, printed handouts, text


Amapping of two unspecified locations with thirteen Western methods, i.e. aerial, geological, chemical, archaeological, etc. with the ultimate goal of disproving the existence of one ore more of the locations themselves. Lecture format, slideshow, sound, with annotated research packets for the audience.


Developed at the Milton Avery Graduate School of Fine Art, performed at Intersite Festival, Calgary, AB, November 2016

( x ) x + [ ( x ) x { x } x x ] { x } +

( x ) x + [ ( x ) x { x } x x ] { x } + | performance | 15 minutes | multimedia performance piece, with projections for 4 gallery walls and gallery floor.


The piece takes my body through an environmental simulation of the Oglala Lakota comsologyscape, as I shoulder the burden of 4 female Lakota characters who have shaped space/time. The piece includes 12 sculptures, animation, sound, video, carbon fiber, clothing, and movement, developed from an obsessive hyper-structure derived from “bad” source books that attempt to qualify Oglala religion into a simplified chart.


This piece explores the relationship between my body and the entanglement between lies, fiction, oral history, mythology, ethnography, and Lakota religion.


Music produced by Kite, Aerial


Developed at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, exhibited at Human Resources, May 2016, Wayside LA, October 2016

Photos by Iris Ray


PEOPLE YOU MUST LOOK AT ME | performance | a 15 minute physical exploration into a

real/unreal, digitally mapped space, using an body instrument that interfaces with sound/

video/3d space; including video, drawing, animation, dance, interface design;

accompanied by book of drawings



Unheard Records is a record label, voices of artists you have yet to hear, founded by Mint Park and Suzanne Kite.

omega | performance/website | 60 min



Separated into 7 pieces, instruments include: voice, harp, Microsoft Kinect, 3 dancers, live & recorded computer sound, Resolume live for two projectors.


This piece manipulates the moment the brain forgets that counting has been occurring, the moment where perception breaks from conscious categorization, through 7 different methods of counting.




Suzanne Kite is an Oglala Lakota performance artist, visual artist, and composer from Southern California, with a BFA from CalArts in music composition and a MFA candidate at Bard College’s Milton Avery Graduate School. Kite's work includes performance, drawing, animations, choreography, movement, electronic productions, arrangements for large ensembles, sound sculpture, gallery installation, text scores, and video compositions. Recently, Kite has been developing a body interface for movement performances, carbon fiber sculptures, immersive video & sound installations, and has recently launched the experimental electronic imprint, Unheard Records.