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    /Posted by: amin
    Makȟóčheowápi Akézaptaŋ (Fifteen Maps), 2021, Kite. Monitor, PC, Speakers, Printout.Kite’s work examines how artificial intelligence often reproduces the logics of coloniality: inheriting the structure of colonial knowledge systems, AI can flatten land, people, and...
    /Posted by: amin
    Iron Road, Kite in collaboration with Corey Stover and Becky Red Bow, 2021. Mixed media installation (Video, stones, drone).“In Kite’s installation Iron Road (a collaboration with Corey Stover and Becky Red Bow), a recording...
    /Posted by: amin
    Wichahpih'a (a clear night with a star-filled sky or a starlit night), score for improvising musician, silver thread on blue satin or screen printed, 2 ft x 2 ft, Kite,...