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    Brighter than the Brightest Star I’ve Ever Seen

    In this two part lecture, Kite teaches the audience Lakota phrases.

    “Good evening. Thank you for having me. I wanted to present part of my current research strain and it will be a complete left turn from the presentation so far. Recently I published a text in Un Magazine, and I have included a few excerpts. This short lecture concerns the concept “akíčiktunža” as in “Slolkíyapi šni kin awíčhakičiktunžin ye”. However I always associate this word with “akíčikta-šni” or “akíčiglepA”, or linear thought. In order to clarify what I mean, I want to teach a few simple phrases…”

    Translation by Alex Firethunder

    Performed for The New Red Order Presents: The Savage Philosophy of Endless Acknowledgement at the Whitney Museum of American Art and THE INFORMANTS at Human Resources

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