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    Fever Dream

    Fever Dream, Kite and Devin Ronneberg, 2021

    Short film and Interactive multimedia installation (television, projector, LIDAR detector, digital video)

    Fever Dream is an interactive multimedia installation and short film by Devin Ronneberg and Kite. Devin Ronneberg is a multidisciplinary artist of Kanaka Maoli/Okinawan descent working primarily in sculpture, sound, image-making, and computational media, and Kite, an Oglala Lakota performance artist, visual artist, and composer. The work brings together their mutual interests in the implications of emergent technologies and artificial intelligence, information control and collection, Indigenous ontologies, and the relationship between the body and technology. In response to the audience’s proximity, a large projection flips between channels algorithmically tuned in to scraped footage of apocalyptic robotic athleticism, digital vulnerability, and conflicting predictions of a world powered by AI. The work plumbs the depths of the settler colonial psyche and the ways in which colonial ideologies require the collection and categorization of our data to better predict and control our behaviour, exploring the dangers that we expose ourselves to when developing intelligent, weaponizable, technologies without regulation or ethics enforcement. The work and its library of rotating footage function as a conspiracy generator for settler futurity, reliant on dispossession, denial, and illusions of ignorance. UFO sightings, space cults, and military-science Youtube theorists intermingle with press briefings on the oppression of “illegal aliens” and new mythologies of Artificial Intelligence, uranium mining on Indigenous territory, and nuclear paranoia. GPT-2 generated subtitles, also built from a curated library, draw the viewer in, encouraging us to overcome colonial biases by first breaking through embedded conspiracies, mythologies, and desires.

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