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    Indigenous Protocols and Artificial Intelligence Position Paper

    The Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Working Group develops new conceptual and practical approaches to building the next generation of A.I. systems.

    The working group is interested the following questions:

        • From an Indigenous perspective, what should our relationship with A.I. be?
        • How can Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies contribute to the global conversation regarding society and A.I.?

        • How do we broaden discussions regarding the role of technology in society beyond the largely culturally homogeneous research labs and Silicon Valley startup culture?

        • How do we imagine a future with A.I. that contributes to the flourishing of all humans and non-humans?

    The Working Group has held two workshops to date, one in March and another in May of 2019. The workshops laid the foundation for a Position Paper on Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence, to be published in spring 2020.

    How to Build Anything Ethically
    Suzanne Kite

    Kites’ contribution draws on Lakota knowledge frameworks to propose a protocol for ethically building computer hardware from the ground up. She discusses what it means to operate in the world in a ‘Good Way’ according to Lakota principles, and draws on how Lakota form relationships with stones to explore how we might form relationships with AI hardware (which one can think of as being made out of stones). She then maps out a process for building physical computing devices in a good way, using the protocol steps for building a sweat lodge as a guide. Kite closes with a sequential list of questions that should be asked at each step of creating such devices—questions that are designed to keep the building process aligned with the good way.

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