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    Nonhuman Futures

    Nonhuman Futures is a lecture first given at the Zooetics Symposium at MIT Media Lab in April 2018, first outlining Kite's research on Lakota Ontologies and human interaction with technology and the necessity of ethical-ontological relationships with Artificial Intelligence. Now, this presentation usually includes Kite's artist talk and an in-depth discussion of nonhuman, ontological, and artificial intelligence research. In this talk, Kite investigates our current and future relationships to nonhumans, especially to technology and artificial intelligence, as well as developing protocols through her artistic practice. Humans are already surrounded by objects which are not understood to be intelligent or even alive, and seen as unworthy of relations. How can humanity create a future with relations between technology or artificial intelligence and humans without an ethical-ontological orientation with which to understand what is worthy of relation and what is not? In order to create relations with any nonhuman entity, not just entities which seem human, the first steps are to acknowledge, understand, and know that the nonhuman are ‘being’ in the first place. Indigenous ontologies already exist to understand forms of ‘being’ which are outside of humanity.

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