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    something is coming

    Nathan Young & Suzanne Kite

    Something is coming Friday, October 5 | 9:30 PM | National Music Centre, Performance Hall Something is coming is a site specific sound performance which listens into the electrical grid. Utilizing ground loop noise, field recordings, digital processing, and analog manipulation, Kite and Young propose a way to listen through the grid to the source. This form of listening is not a metaphor, but a way to access and reimagine power systems. This mode of listening is a relin­quishing of belief. To listen to the grid and hear the physical source of power is to not mistake the map for the land itself. This form of listening provides an opportunity to hear and think beyond colonial constraints of cartography and large-scale exploita­tions of natural resources.

    Great White Way

    Duet on Mellotron


    Ghost River

    Text on screen:

    “most rivers are haunted

    entities attracted to the death energies

    a constant flow of tranpsort

    from and to

    a single white horse

    on a ghost river into our ears”

    Unamplified viola


    Score #1


    Improvised video synthesizer

    Improvised hair-braid interface


    Score #2


    Improvised video synthesizer

    Improvised guitar and Noise Swash


    Flood 1

    Duet for ungrounded cable, mixer and hair-braid interface (video color)


    Flood 2

    Novatron and improvised synthesizer


    Something is coming

    Duet for CRT, razor, wire stripper, Plexi-glass, ungrounded cable and hair-braid interface (video color)


    Ghost Dam

    Text read: “In the year 2033 it became apparent that the extraction techniques inflicted on the water could be hidden from the public no longer, and the conspiracy to power these cities by brute force transitioned from mere theory to fact. Beings dammed for 100 years pressed through the walls, ghosts flowing downstream once again.”

    Walkie-talkie, Improvised Noise Swash


    Prince of Darkness, Prince of Light

    Improvised Trio w/ Seth Cardinal

    Guitar and Noise Swash, Guitar, Hair-Braid Interface


    Fire Water Light

    Improvised Trio w/ Seth Cardinal

    Guitar and Noise Swash, Guitar, Hair-Braid Interface

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