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    /Posted by: amin
    Iron Road, Kite in collaboration with Corey Stover and Becky Red Bow, 2021. Mixed media installation (Video, stones, drone).“In Kite’s installation Iron Road (a collaboration with Corey Stover and Becky Red Bow), a recording...
    /Posted by: amin
    The Last of the Lemurians, in collaboration with New Red Order, 2021 For a short period in 1999, the Archæoraptor was believed to be the missing link between birds and non-avian dinosaurs. During a National...
    /Posted by: amin
    Fever Dream, Kite and Devin Ronneberg, 2021 Short film and Interactive multimedia installation (television, projector, LIDAR detector, digital video)Fever Dream is an interactive multimedia installation and short film by Devin Ronneberg and Kite. Devin Ronneberg...