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    performance/installation | 15 minutes | multimedia performance piece, with projections for 4 gallery walls and gallery floor.

    The piece takes the body into an environmental simulation of the Oglala Lakota comsologyscape through four Lakota beings who have shaped space and time. The piece includes twelve sculptures, animation, sound, video, carbon fiber, costume, and movement. Developed from an obsessive structure, derived from source books that attempt to qualify Oglala religion into a simplified chart, this piece seeks a relationship within the entanglement between the body, lies, fiction, oral history, mythology, ethnography, and Lakota religion. Music produced by Kite, Aerial Developed at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity: Indigenous Visual + Digital Arts Residency, exhibited at Human Resources, May 2016, Wayside LA, October 2016
    Image Credit: Iris Ray

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